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  • 3 Spiral PI, Officer VIC 3809, Australia
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  • 9.00 AM-6.00PM

Cladding Cleaning Services

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your house’s exterior cladding? Contact Eminent Property Maintenance – our professional cleaning services will assist in this. There are diverse kinds of cladding we can clean to rid them of stains, bacterial mold and dirt.

Welcome to our Melbourne based specialized service for cleaning claddings professionally. We take pride in offering the best exterior cleaning and maintenance services for various kinds of cladding.

Our methods are safe and highly efficient, ensuring thorough cleaning of the cladding making it appear like a new one afterwards.

Our Range Of Services

Transforming Roofs, Elevating Homes

Experience the Before and After Magic

Why Professional Cladding Cleaning Services?

Balustrade Cleaning Process At Eminent Property Maintenance


Balustrade Cleaning Process At Eminent Property Maintenance


Cleaning using special solutions


Scrubbing then rinsing off with pure water


Drying then polishing until there aren’t any streaks left


Application of a long-lasting protective coating if needed

Get A Balustrade Cleaning Services In Melbourne Today!

Contact Eminent Property Maintenance for a free quote on restoring your home’s exterior cladding. We service residential and commercial properties in all areas of Melbourne. Our friendly team looks forward to making your cladding look like new again.

Regular cladding maintenance cleaning improves aesthetics while catching small problems early. Professionals have specialized tools and expertise to thoroughly clean all types of exterior cladding safely and effectively.

Keep your biggest investment protected and looking its best with specialized cladding cleaning from Eminent Property Maintenance. Contact us today or book online!

Our Top Rated Cleaning Services

Roof Restoration
Epoxy Flooring
Window Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Solar Panel Cleaning
Brick/Acid Wash
Gutter Cleaning
Skylight Cleaning

So What Do We Offer?

Our trained technicians use specialized cleaning methods and eco-friendly products to tackle even the toughest dirt, mold, and stains. Whether its metal or timber or synthetic cladding: we have all knowledge necessary for its proper care.

We design a customized cleaning plan that takes into account the material, state and accessibility of your cladding in particular.

Our cleaning techniques do not only take away dirt but also create a protective coat that prevents future dirt. Consequently your cladding will be cleaner for longer.

We offer affordable rates and flexible scheduling to our clients.


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