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  • 3 Spiral PI, Officer VIC 3809, Australia
  • 0451200159
  • 9.00 AM-6.00PM

Post Construction Cleaning Services

The builders are gone, the last box is out but still you feel somehow that your dream Melbourne home is incomplete because of the pile of debris left everywhere in your new house. At Eminent Property Maintenance, we offer the best post-construction cleaning experts for this very purpose! This is to say that we do away with dust, paint spills and any other debris which was left after the construction work.

Our Balustrade Cleaning Services

At Eminent Maintenance, we take a comprehensive approach to roof restoration, addressing every aspect to ensure the longevity and resilience of your roof. Our range of services encompasses:

Transforming Roofs, Elevating Homes

Experience the Before and After Magic

Reasons to Use Post Construction Cleaning Services

We take care of every aspect of cleaning, including walls, floors, windows and cabinets. Our approach is to provide tailored services to each house using cleaning solutions and methods. We prioritize hygiene by thoroughly disinfecting high touch areas and potential breeding grounds for germs.

Don’t settle for dust after construction. Let Eminent Property Maintenance turn your Melbourne masterpiece into a haven that’s truly comfortable to live in. Get in touch with us today for a quote! Experience the noticeable impact of a professional post construction clean.

You can call us or book a quote online through our website to schedule your cleaning!

Our Top Rated Cleaning Services

Roof Restoration
Epoxy Flooring
Window Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Solar Panel Cleaning
Brick/Acid Wash
Gutter Cleaning
Skylight Cleaning

Why Choose Us?

We take care of leftover building materials, packaging and protective coverings so as to leave a clean slate.

No more dust bunnies! Our sophisticated equipment and methods capture even the smallest particles ensuring clean air and flawless surfaces.


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